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Attributing harmful practices to the companies responsible in a way that can affect financial markets requires:

1) spatially and temporally detecting where and when such practices took place;

2) attributing events to the companies responsible;

3) quantifying emissions’ impact on climate, ecosystem services and public health;

4) reporting data to investors and traders in a format that is timely and actionable; and

5) modeling climate-related data with fundamental factor models to reveal where explanatory power is added to traditional factors such as value and momentum.


satelliteS attribute Point sources of INVISIBLE emissions with 50 meter RESOLUTION

Nano-satellites orbit the Earth in a polar orbit (north-south) while the Earth turns (east-west) below it, enabling measurement of any source on the surface of the Earth, within days. Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) absorb light at different wavelengths, creating a “spectral fingerprint.” High-resolution spectrometers measure the amount of light absorbed at specific wavelengths, which in turn enables quantification of CH4 concentrations. These satellite-based instruments take hundreds of thousands of measurements around a source with a resolution of tens of meters. Such high resolution is key to successful attribution of point sources.

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