We deliver transparency and insights on the sustainability of energy & food supply chains using remote sensing. In short, ESG 3.0.

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Geofinancial Analytics is a double-bottom-line benefit corporation whose civic mission is to accelerate the transition from climate stressors (like methane super emitters in energy & food supply chains) to more sustainable solutions. We are science driven – and are not an advocacy organization.

accelerating the clean energy transition


Delivering transparency on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions via live ESG data solutions like MethaneScan® can help avert catastrophic climate change. Here are some examples:

  • 1 billion tons of directly avoided methane emissions, by incentivizing the oil & gas industry to detect and cap its methane leaks. This would be the equivalent of retiring nearly all remaining US coal power plants (about 650 of 800 plants).

  • 1.2 billion tons of indirectly avoided GHG emissions, by shifting 30% of planned oil & gas capital expenditures to clean energy. This would be the equivalent of retiring all remaining US coal power plants (about 800 plants).

  • Double the amount of capital responsive to GHG emission behavior, by addressing unmet data needs of hedge funds and asset managers. This would represent an additional $3 trillion of investible assets, or about 7% of US assets under management.


Collaborative research gave rise to the concept of geofinancial engineering, first described in a research paper we published Fall 2017 in Physics World (short form) and the Journal of Environmental Investing (full-text pdf).

Geofinancial engineering – first released to the research community by Kriss, Hellmann, Lonsdorf, Springer et. al. at a Yale University Symposium on The State of ESG Data and Metrics (September 22, 2017) – uses financial tools and scientific knowledge to leverage the capital markets to change human impact on the physical world and improve the odds of averting catastrophic climate change. As a market-based initiative, it can operate independently from government action or can amplify the effectiveness of market-based regulation like carbon pricing or emission penalties.

Geofinancial Analytics — committed to the commercial delivery of geofinancial engineering — was born soon thereafter in 2018.


News of corporate governance lapses can    jolt markets

News of corporate governance lapses can jolt markets

We are committed to disseminating useful results of our work – including datasets – to the public at large in a timely manner. This open data approach is designed to maximize impact by giving subscribers a short Instant Access information advantage to incentivize action while enabling a virtuous circle of trading by others, engagement and advancing scientific research soon thereafter.

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