Given the importance of our environmental mission, Geofinancial Analytics (Geofinancial) is planning to work with Venn Foundation to raise charitable risk capital in the form of a Program-Related Investment (PRI) using donor-advised funds. This innovative structure allows any individual, business, or foundation to seed finance Geofinancial with charitable, tax-advantaged donations or grants. Any financial returns can be redeployed into new PRIs or grants based on the donor's recommendation. 


Geofinancial’s primary purpose is to preserve and protect the natural environment for the benefit of the public for present and future generations. It is well known that the expectations of capital drive behavior in all types of organizations, especially in business. While there is growing demand for investment professionals to take into account environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics when trading shares in public companies, the data they rely upon when doing so today is insufficient. By providing real-time, objective, actionable data on greenhouse gas emitters to investors, Geofinancial can significantly advance ESG filtering and incentivize companies to detect and cap their greenhouse gas emissions. The company will also provide its data to the general public for free after a time delay.


Geofinancial is a Minneapolis-based social business working to trigger significant flows of investment capital away from climate stressors (like methane super emitters in energy & food supply chains) into more environmentally sustainable enterprises. Geofinancial does this by using remote-sensing satellite technology to continuously collect data on greenhouse gas super-emitters, which it delivers to investment professionals immediately for a subscription fee and to the general public after a delay for free. The company collaborates closely with the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, which is also a minority shareholder in the company through a donated interest to the University of Minnesota Foundation.

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